estd 2011

In Standard Definition, motion picture cameras do not capture tiny flaws on the skin because the low resolution disperses light across the surface of the skin. Therefore, skin imperfections and flaws in makeup are rendered insignificant and invisible on screen. In today’s world of High Definition, cameras capture each minuscule detail due to the high resolution of the equipment. Even the smallest speck of powder or blemish on the face is clearly visible! An invisible makeup product was needed for the HD Camera – and HD Makeup was born.

HD Makeup has a special focus on all kinds of brushes and sponges that are used. This makeup is designed to give a flawless finish that does come off, look cakey or fades away. The fact is that if you pile on HD makeup and apply incorrectly, you are still not going to have a transparent look. This is why it must be used very carefully.

HD makeup is suitable for all skin types for it blends perfectly with the skin. The HD makeup gives a soft focus and makes the makeup appear more natural and less layered. It also leaves minimal residue and gives a perfect finish to the face, hiding all the acne and marks.