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Why You “Should” Hire a Pro Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day?

The question you need to ask yourself is, “why would you hire professionals for every aspect of your wedding and then not hire a pro makeup artist to do your makeup when your face is the first thing everyone will be admiring?” The truth is everyone invited to your wedding day ceremony is looking at you the bride and expecting to see sheer radiance. You are the star of the show on your wedding day and just like any glamorous goddess you will need to make sure your wedding day makeup is stunning and immaculately done.hiring a professional makeup artist has many advantages, most importantly flawless wedding photos that showcase your beautiful facial features as well as enhance your own personal style to reflect a luminous glowing you.

This is the first and probably the most important aspect to remember when you are deciding whether or not to use a professional makeup artist. Do you have the time to let an amateur or aspiring makeup artist do your makeup on the most stressful and important day of your life? Do you have the patience to sit in a chair for up to three hours getting your makeup applied or would you prefer to have a professional who does makeup for a living get your face completed in one hour and you know the results will be exactly what you were looking for?Your wedding day schedule is timed to perfection and imagine how your day could be ruined if you kept your groom-to-be and your guests waiting while you were sitting in the makeup chair? Using a professional means you will be out of makeup, walking down the aisle and into the loving arms of your groom enjoying your wedding day stress free.Your wedding day photos will be one of your lifelong treasures and how you look in your wedding day photos matters more than you think. We spoke with a few of our wedding photographer friends and each of them said exactly the same thing, “When a bride hires a professional makeup artist on her wedding day we are less likely to fall behind on the schedule, the photos need less touch up edits, and their skills show in the end results of our photos. With that information to consider you might ask yourself if choosing a pro makeup artist is in fact worth the money to have gorgeous wedding day photos.